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Behavior Training

Blue Ribbon Pets believes in the key foundations of behavior wellness, physical wellness, and emotional wellness. If any of these are out of balance, a dog can have trouble socializing, behaving, and staying happy and healthy. If your dog is experiencing trouble in any of these areas, our experts will figure out why and guide them down the right path to wellness stability.

For example, your dog may experience these issues out of fear, pain, or emotional trauma. If you want to know why your dog barks often, there must be an emotional need for them to bark. If you are concerned about your dog not letting you touch his or her ears, maybe they have an ear infection, and it hurts them. You may also be worried about why your dog lunges at other dogs in your neighborhood. This could be a fight or flight response they have out of fear or social anxiety. Overall, this kind of continued education and behavior training helps both owners and your dog work through these issues and leave feeling better than ever before. We conduct our behavior training on site in Ukiah, CA, or via Zoom. Contact us to request an appointment.

California Abandoned Animal Act

Senate Bill No. 1019 - An act to amend section 1834.5 of the Civil Code, relating to abandoned animals. Section 1834.5 of the Civil Code is amended to read: (signed Aug 5, 1971)

1834.5  Notwithstanding any other provision of law, whenever any animal is delivered to any veterinarian, dog kennel, cat kennel, pet-grooming parlor, animal hospital, or any other animal care facility pursuant to any written or oral agreement entered into after the effective date of this section, and the owner of such animal does not pick up the animal within 14 calendar days after the day the animal was due to be picked up, the animal shall be deemed to be abandoned. The person into whose custody the animal was placed for care shall first try for a period of not less than 10 days to find a new owner for the animal, and, if unable to place the animal with a new owner, shall thereafter humanely destroy the animal so abandoned.

What Makes Us Different
  • Longest Established Pet Resort in the County
  • Attention to Physical, Emotional & Behavioral Wellness
  • Continuing Education & Certifications For All Staff
  • Fire Evacuation Center
  • Owner/Operator Lives On Site
  • All-inclusive Resort
Professional Pet Care With Love & Science
I highly recommend them, and so do my dogs. – Claudia M.
Mendocino County's Longest Established Pet Care Facility
Location 5290 N State St
Ukiah, CA 95482